Joe Wein, Shigeko, 
Shintaro (now 18) and Yukiko (now 16)

Living in Japan / Japan links
Pictures of Japan
Rice farming in Japan
Plutonium in Japan

USA and the "War on Terrorism"

  Personal information
About my family / pictures
Poetry from Oberpfalz
Music / Bossa Nova
Revolution in Prague
Zimbabwe / Bhundu Boys / Mapfumo

Digital Research / Gary Kildall
Fighting Spam
Blog (Joe Wein's weblog)

Bob Marley & the Wailers
A BBC documentary on Bob Marley

Hemp (cannabis) / Links Hemp in Japan
Prohibition quotes
Books on hemp / prohibition
Medical Marijuana
Hemp as herbal medicine
Lübeck State Court on Cannabis
Pittsburgh Press: Presumed Guilty

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This linen cloth was woven by the Wein family about one hundred years ago.