About This Homepage

The pages on this website were produced by myself between January 1996 and now, using only Windows 95 Notepad, a hand scanner (which came bundled with Ulead Systems FinishTouch), Photodex CPIC and Microsoft Internet Explorer 3.0. Later I also used an HP ScanJet 5P and Internet Explorer 4.0. I occasionally check out my website for broken links using Tilman Hausherr's Xenu Link Sleuth.

Most images have been scanned from photographs taken by myself or by my wife, though some pictures have been borrowed from other sites on the WWW, especially on the hemp-related pages.

If you would like to use some of my images, please ask and in most cases I will gladly grant their non-commercial use free of charge.

This site has been designated a Cool Site by the Netscape Open Directory project.

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