Monju problems: Plutonium in Japan

Donen (PNC)

Monju (Japan Forum): On December 8, 1995 the Monju Fast Breeder reactor in Fukui prefecture, Japan had to be shut down after a serious accident. Read articles on the Japanese nuclear industry and the specific dangers of Fast Breeder technology.

The Tokaimura accident: The most serious nuclear accident in 20 years except for Chernobyl occured in Japan. It reveals a complacent industry with an unprofessional attitude to safety.

The Plutonium Economy: Why Fast Breeder Reactors and nuclear waste reprocessing are not the asnwer for Japan's energy problems.

Rokkasho village in Aomori prefecture is a key location for the Japanese nuclear industry.

The Mihama Accident: A burst steam pipe in a Japanese reactor that killed 4 workers had not been inspected for 27 years.

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