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Bob Marley & The Wailers

Bob Marley & The Wailers

The following LPs and CDs are some of my collection from the past quarter of a century. As vinyl wears by playing and consequently has a limited lifespam, I am in the process of archiving all my collection to disk. A few more years...

Bunny Wailer

"Kingston 1982"

    Bunny Wailer-01 Blackheart Man
    Bunny Wailer-02 Armageddeon
    Bunny Wailer-03 Crucial
    Bunny Wailer-04 Dance Rock
    Bunny Wailer-05 Rock'n'Groove
    Bunny Wailer-06 Ballroom Floor
    Bunny Wailer-07 I'm The Toughest.

"Blackheart Man"

    fighting against conviction
    bide up
    big tree
    blackheart man
    opressed song
    rasta man
    reincarnate souls
    this train

Thomas Mapfumo

"Mr Music"

    Chim MrMusic Tondobayana


    CHIM Ndangariro 01 Nyarara Mukadzi Wangu
    CHIM Ndangariro 04 Nyoka Musangu

"Chimurenga for Justic"

    CHjs Hupenyu Wangu
    CHjs Mugara Ndega
    CHjs Rumbidzai Mambo
    CHjs Tambazumba Nashe

"El Rey"

    elrey 2 Hwahwa
    elrey 6 Mahororo
    elrey 3 Pfumvu Paruzevha

"Chimurenga '98"

    CH98-03 Tinofara
    CH98-04 Titambire
    CH98-05 Usatambe Nenyoka
    CH98-07 Chimurenga
    CH98-08 Munongotukana
    CH98-09 Chikonzero
    CH98-10 Ndave Kuenda
    CH98-11 Set The People Free

Tobias Areketa and the Shazi Band: "Mavambo"

  • TAMV-A1 Murume Wangu
  • TAMV-A2 Maprani
  • TAMV-A3 Saraiwe
  • TAMV-A4 Samora Machel
  • TAMV-B1 Vanondivenga
  • TAMV-B2 Chiiko Chikonzero
  • TAMV-B3 I wanna try
Released on Gramma Records (JLP 1007, 1987)

Peter Tosh

    tosh Dont Look Back

Burning Rockers

    BR A1 (Dillinger) Rizla Skank
    BR A2 (Linval Thompson) If I Follow My Heart
    BR A3 (Leroy Smart) No Check Babylon
    BR A4 (Well pleased and satisfied) Love Train
    BR A5 (Ranking Dread) Girls Fiesta
    BR A6 (Revelation) Survival
    BR A7 (Mystic Eyes) Must Eat Bread
    BR B1 (Ranking Dread) Kunta Kinte Roots
    BR B2 (Dub) Late Arrival
    BR B3 (Clint Eastwood) It Wasn't Rasta
    BR B4 (Pablo Gad) Bloodsuckers
    BR B5 (Jimmy Riley) Majority Rule
    BR B6 (Mighty Maytones) Judgement A Come

Various Music from Brazil:


    CDBSD-01 (Elis Regina) No Dia Em Que Eu Vim Embora
    CDBSD-20 (Geraldo Vandre) Rosa Flor
    CDBSD-06 (Elis Regina) Corsario
    CDBSD-17 (Chico Buarque) Sabia
    CDBSD-05 (Edu Lobo - Joice) Uma Vez Um Caso
    CDBSD-08 (Maria Creuza) Dindi
    CDBSD-09 (Wanda) Vivo Sonhando
    CDBSD-10 (Chico Buarque) Sem Fantasia
    CDBSD-12 (Chico Buarque) Umas E Outras
    CDBSD-13 (Maria Creusa - Vinicius) Eu Sei Que Vou Te Amar
    CDBSD-14 (Fafa De Belem) Pra Nao Mais Voltar
    CDBSD-15 (Milton Nascimento) Irmao De Fe
    CDBSD-16 (Maria Creuza) Insensatez
    CDBSD-21 (Toquinho - Vinicius - Maria Bethania) Apelo

"The Girls from Ipanema

    IPANM-A01 (Stan Getz - A Gilberto) The Girl From Ipanema
    IPANM-A02 (Baden Powell) Tristeza
    IPANM-A03 (Bob Brookmeyer) Samba de Orfeu
    IPANM-A04 (Luiz Henrique) Minha Lagoa
    IPANM-A05 (Stan Getz - Charlie Byrd) Samba Dees Days
    IPANM-A06 (Wes Montgomery) How Insensitive
    IPANM-A07 (Astrud Gilberto) Agua De Beber
    IPANM-A08 (Quincy Jones) Bossa Nova USA
    IPANM-A09 (Astrud Gilberto) The Shadow Of Your Smile
    IPANM-A10 (Baden Powell) Canto de Ossanha
    IPANM-A11 (Stan Getz - Luis Bonfa) So danca Samba
    IPANM-A13 (Bob Brookmeyer) A felicidade
    IPANM-A14 (Stan Getz - Charlie Byrd) O Pato
    IPANM-A15 (Cal Tjader) Souled Out
    IPANM-A16 (Joao Gilberto) Samba de Minha Terra
    IPANM-B01 (Stan Getz - Charlie Byrd) Desafinado
    IPANM-B02 (Baden Powell) Manha de Carneval
    IPANM-B04 (Stan Getz - Charlie Byrd) E luxo so
    IPANM-B05 (Luis Henrique) If You Want to Be A Lover
    IPANM-B06 (Oscar Peterson) Triste
    IPANM-B07 (Quincy Jones) Soul Bossa Nova
    IPANM-B08 (Stan Getz - Joao Gilberto) O grande amor
    IPANM-B09 (Marcos Valle) Crickets Sing for Anamaria
    IPANM-B12 (Astrud Gilberto) Once I Loved
    IPANM-B14 (Antonio Carlos Jobim) Favela

"Black Orpheus"

    OrNeg-02 A Felicidade
    OrNeg-06 Manha De Carnaval
    OrNeg-08 Manha De Carnaval
    OrNeg-11 Manha De Carnaval
    OrNeg-14 Bola Sete Medley

"O Samba

    OSamba-12 (Agepe) Ela Nao Gosta De Mim
    OSamba-13 (Martinho DaVila) Claustrofobia


    FL 01 The Gladiators Jah Works
    FL 04 Prince Far I Foggy Road
    FL 05 Sly Dunbar Mr Bassie
    FL 06 Prince Hammer Sister Bella
    FL 07 Althea and Donna Make A Truce
    FL 02 U-Brown Natty Dread Upon A Mountain Top
    FL 03 Twinkle Brothers I Love You So
    FL 08 LKJ Dread Beat and Blood
    FL 09 Ranking Trevor Rub A Dub Style
    FL 10 Culture Holy Mount Zion
    FL 11 Tapper Zukie Tribute to Steve Biko
    FL 12 Big Youth Love We A Deal With
    FL 13 I-Roy By the Rivers of Babylon
    FL 14 Jah Lloyd Cocaine


"Commandments of Dub - Chapter 7"

    jahscd7 01 Dependance Dub
    jahscd7 02 Life Dub
    jahscd7 03 Nyha Dub
    jahscd7 04 Zion I Dub
    jahscd7 05 Triumphant
    jahscd7 06 Mystery Dub
    jahscd7 07 Praises In Dub
    jahscd7 08 Selah Dub
    jahscd7 09 School Of Dub
    jahscd7 10 Rainbow Dub


"The Return of Pipe Cock Jackson"

    LeePerry RPJ Give Thanks


    01 One Step Dub
    02 Vamp A Dub
    03 Life Is Not Easy Dub
    04 (Max Romeo) Chase The Devil
    05 In These Times Dub
    06 (Max Romeo) Norman
    07 No Peace Dub
    08 Bird In Hand
    09 (The Heptones) Make Up Your Mind
    10 (The Congoes) Congoman
    11 Groovy Dub
    12 (Junior Murvin) Closer Together
    13 Roast Fish And Cornbread
    14 Corn Fish Dub
    15 (Jr Ainsworth) Thanks And Praise
    16 Dub And Praise

"Black Ark Experryments"

    Lee Perry-01 Thank You
    Lee Perry-02 Super Ape In A Good Shape
    Lee Perry-03 Jungle Safari
    Lee Perry-04 From Heaven Above
    Lee Perry-05 Heads Of Government
    Lee Perry-06 Open Door
    Lee Perry-07 Black Ark Experryments
    Lee Perry-08 Poop Song
    Lee Perry-09 Come Back

"Strictly For Rockers"

    SFR 01 Ijahman Moulding
    SFR 02 Leroy Smart Ballistic Affair
    SFR 03 Augustus Pablo King Tubby meets the Rockers uptown
    SFR 04 Wailing Souls Bredda Gravilicious
    SFR 05 Desi Roots Go Deh Right
    SFR 06 Bunny Wailer Battering Down Sentence
    SFR 07 Michael Prophet Love and Unity
    SFR 08 Culture Two Sevens Clash
    SFR 09 Freddie McGregor Joggin
    SFR 10 Judy Mowatt Black Woman


    matumbi 01 Guide Us
    matumbi 02 Hook Deh
    matumbi 03 Hypocrite
    matumbi 04 Elizabethan Reggae
    matumbi 05 Empire Row
    matumbi 06 Music in the Air
    matumbi 07 Money
    matumbi 08 Rock

Trojan Roots

    tjRoots A01 (The Heptones) Cool Rasta
    tjRoots A03 (The Viceroys) Rise in the Strength Jah
    tjRoots A04 (Ras Michael and TSOTN) Rise Jah Jah Children
    tjRoots A05 (Prince Far I) I and I the chosen one
    tjRoots A06 (The Shadows) Brother Noah
    tjRoots A09 (Johnny Clarke) None shall escape the Judgement
    tjRoots A11 (Johnny Osbourne) Purify Your Heart
    tjRoots A10 (Carlton Jackson) History
    tjRoots A12 (Cornell Campbell) Jah Jah Me no Born Yah
    tjRoots A13 (Heaven Sisters) Rasta Dreadlocks
    tjRoots A14 (Sylford Walker) Burn Babylon
    tjRoots A16 (Silvertones) Rejoice Jah Jah Children
    tjRoots A17 (Big Youth) Dread is best
    tjRoots B01 (Prince Far I) Under Heavy Manners
    tjRoots B02 (Peter Tosh) Arise Black Man
    tjRoots B03 (The Abbyssinians) Yim Mas Gan
    tjRoots B06 (Johnny Clarke) Enter into his Gates with Praise
    tjRoots B07 (The Jay Boys) African People
    tjRoots B08 (Lee Perry) City Too Hot
    tjRoots B09 (Dennis Brown) Africa
    tjRoots B10 (George Boswell) Jah Fire
    tjRoots B11 (Big Youth) Dread in Babylon
    tjRoots B14 (Neville Grant) Blackmans Time
    tjRoots B16 (Ras Michael and TSOTN) Keep Cool Babylon
    tjRoots C01 (Velvet Shadows) Babylon A Fall Down
    tjRoots C02 (Sugar Minott) Never Gonna Give Up Jah
    tjRoots C03 (Johnny Osbourne) Nyah Man
    tjRoots C04 (Ras Michael and TSOTN) Unity
    tjRoots C06 (Silvertones) African Dub
    tjRoots C07 (Max Romeo) The Coming of Jah
    tjRoots C08 (Mr Bojangles) Ten Dread Commandments
    tjRoots C09 (The Ethiopians) Condition Bad A Yard
    tjRoots C10 (Truth Fact and Correct) Babylon Deh Pon Fire
    tjRoots C11 (The Mighty Diamonds) Ghetto Living
    tjRoots C13 (Anthony Davies) Words
    tjRoots C14 (Lizzard) Milk and Honey
    tjRoots C15 (Cornell Campbell) The Judgement Come
    tjRoots C16 (The Heptones) Mistry Babylon
    tjRoots C17 (Linval Thompson) I Love Marijuana

Bob Marley and the Wailers

"Singles and More"

    Bob Marley-bad card (ext)
    Bob Marley-coming in from the cold (ext)
    Bob Marley-them belly full (ext)
"1982 Pinecrest Shelton, USA"
    Bob Marley-concrete jungle
    Bob Marley-easy skanking
    Bob Marley-i shot the sherif
    Bob Marley-jamming
    Bob Marley-lively up-get up-exodus-punky
    Bob Marley-no woman no cry
    Bob Marley-rastaman vibration
    Bob Marley-rebel music
    Bob Marley-the heathen
    Bob Marley-them belly full
    Bob Marley-war (no more trouble)

"1979 Sunplaza"

    Bob Marley-concrete jungle
    Bob Marley-exodus
    Bob Marley-get up stand up
    Bob Marley-i shot the sherif
    Bob Marley-is this love
    Bob Marley-jamming
    Bob Marley-lively up yourself
    Bob Marley-no woman no cry
    Bob Marley-positive vibrations
    Bob Marley-running away (crazy baldhead)
    Bob Marley-the heathen
    Bob Marley-war (no more trouble)

1978-04-22 One Love Peace Fest

    Bob Marley-One Love Peace Fest (1)
    Bob Marley-One Love Peace Fest (2)
    Bob Marley-One Love Peace Fest (3)
    Bob Marley-One Love Peace Fest (4)

"1976-05-26 Los Angeles Roxy Theatre"

    Bob Marley-01 Trenchtown Rock
    Bob Marley-02 Burnin' & Lootin'
    Bob Marley-03 Them Belly Full
    Bob Marley-04 Rebel Music

"Positive Vibration" (Disk 1)

    Bob Marley-concrete jungle
    Bob Marley-crisis
    Bob Marley-Heathen
    Bob Marley-i shot the sherif
    Bob Marley-no woman no cry
    Bob Marley-Positive Vibrations
    Bob Marley-rebel music
    Bob Marley-running away
    Bob Marley-them belly full
    Bob Marley-war (no more trouble)

"Positive Vibration" (Disk 2)

    Bob Marley-catch a fire
    Bob Marley-concrete jungle
    Bob Marley-exodus
    Bob Marley-get up stand up
    Bob Marley-i shot the sherif
    Bob Marley-it's so easy
    Bob Marley-midnight ravers
    Bob Marley-rebel music
    Bob Marley-talking heads
    Bob Marley-trenchtown rock

"1980-09-23" (Pittsburg, Last Show)

    01 positive vibration
    02 burnin and lootin
    03 them belly full
    05 heathen
    06 running away- crazy baldheads
    07 war- no more trouble
    08 zimbabwe
    09 zion train
    10 no woman no cry
    11 jammin
    12 exodus
    e2 comin in from the cold
    e1 redemption song

"73-05-24" (London, BBC)

    01 rastaman chant
    02 slave driver
    03 stop that train
    04 no more trouble
    05 400 years
    06 midnight ravers
    07 stir it up
    08 concrete jungle
    09 get up stand up
    10 kinky reggae

"76-04-25" (Boston)

    01 rastaman chant- conquering lion
    02 burnin and lootin
    03 them belly full
    04 rebel music
    05 i shot the sheriff


    bmwjp a1 Rastaman Vibration
    bmwjp a2 Concrete Jungle
    bmwjp a3 Shot The Sheriff
    bmwjp a4 No Woman No Cry
    bmwjp a6 War
    bmwjp a7 Running Away
    bmwjp a8 The Heathen
    bmwjp b1 Jamming
    bmwjp b2 Is This Love
    bmwjp b3 Get Up Stand Up
    bmwjp b4 Exodus
    bmwjp b5 Bob Marley Interview


    bmwsur 01 So Much Trouble In The World
    bmwsur 02 Zimbabwe
    bmwsur 03 Top Rankin
    bmwsur 04 Babylon System
    bmwsur 05 Survival
    bmwsur 06 Africa Unite
    bmwsur 07 One Drop
    bmwsur 08 Ride Natty Ride
    bmwsur 09 Ambush In The Night
    bmwsur 10 Wake Up And Live

King Tubby

"Meets Scientist at Dub Station"

    King Tubby And Scientist-01 Wickedest Dub
    King Tubby And Scientist-02 Kingston 19 Dub
    King Tubby And Scientist-03 Ghetto Dub
    King Tubby And Scientist-04 Sea View Dub
    King Tubby And Scientist-05 Mystical Dub
    King Tubby And Scientist-06 Mystic Dub
    King Tubby And Scientist-07 Cannabis Dub (Heavenless)
    King Tubby And Scientist-08 Can't Break Dub
    King Tubby And Scientist-09 Dancehall We Deh Dub
    King Tubby And Scientist-10 Hillview Terrace Dub
    King Tubby And Scientist-11 Chalice A Fe Dub
    King Tubby And Scientist-12 Copper Shot Dub
    King Tubby And Scientist-13 Level Dub
    King Tubby And Scientist-14 Ravin' Dub

"Dub Gone 2 Crazy In Fine Style"

    King Tubby And Prince Jammy-01 Dub Of Rights
    King Tubby And Prince Jammy-02 A Living Version
    King Tubby And Prince Jammy-03 The Poor Barber
    King Tubby And Prince Jammy-04 Higher Ranking
    King Tubby And Prince Jammy-05 A Heavy Dub
    King Tubby And Prince Jammy-06 A Stalawatt Version
    King Tubby And Prince Jammy-07 King Tubby's In Fine
    King Tubby And Prince Jammy-08 African Sounds
    King Tubby And Prince Jammy-09 Version Of Class
    King Tubby And Prince Jammy-10 Breaking Up Dubwise
    King Tubby And Prince Jammy-11 Channel Get Knockout
    King Tubby And Prince Jammy-12 Channel Is A Joker
    King Tubby And Prince Jammy-13 Drums Of Africa
    King Tubby And Prince Jammy-14 Channel 1 Under Heavy Maner

Burning Spear"

    BSIP 1b Queen of the Mountain
    BSIP 6b Driver
    BSIP 7b Door Peep
    BSIP 8b Old Marcus Garvey

"Social Living"

    bssl a1 Marcus Children Suffer
    bssl a2 Social Living
    bssl a3 Nayah Keith
    bssl a4 Institution
    bssl a5 Marcus Senior
    bssl b1 Civilized Reggae
    bssl b2 Mister Garvey
    bssl b3 Come
    bssl b4 Marcus Say Jah No Dead

"Harder Than The Best"

    bshtb01 Marcus Garvey
    bshtb02 Dry and Heavy
    bshtb03 Throw down your arms
    bshtb04 Social living
    bshtb05 The invasion - Black wa da da
    bshtb06 Slavery days
    bshtb07 Old Marcus Garvey
    bshtb08 Man in the hills
    bshtb09 The sun
    bshtb10 Civilized reggae

"Garvey's Ghost"

    bsgho01 The ghost
    bsgho02 I and I survive
    bsgho03 Black wa-da-da
    bsgho04 John Burns skank
    bsgho05 Brain food
    bsgho06 Farther east of Jack
    bsgho07 2000 years
    bsgho08 Dread river
    bsgho09 Workshop
    bsgho10 Reggaelation

Scientist "Repatriation Dub"

    Scientist-01 Jah Children
    Scientist-02 Heal The Nation Dub
    Scientist-03 Zion Dub
    Scientist-04 Full House Dub
    Scientist-05 Warning Dub
    Scientist-06 Sailing Dub
    Scientist-07 Meet The People Dub
    Scientist-08 In The Dance Dub
    Scientist-09 Cain Man Dub
    Scientist-10 Welch Man Dub
    Scientist-11 Back To Wall Dub
    Scientist-12 Stick Herb Dub

Hugh Mundell "Africa Must be Free In 1983"

    hugh mundell - africa must be free
    hugh mundell - book of life
    hugh mundell - day of judgement
    hugh mundell - ital ship
    hugh mundell - jah will provide
    hugh mundell - jlevi dub
    hugh mundell - jwestern style dub
    hugh mundell - let's all unite
    hugh mundell - my mind
    hugh mundell - run revolution a come
    hugh mundell - time and place
    hugh mundell - why do black man fuss and fight

Mickey Dread - A Dread at the Controls

    mickey dread 1
    mickey dread 2

Pablo Mose

"A Song"

    a song
    dubbing is a must
    each is a servant
    let's face it
    music is my desire
    one people
    protect i (a song reprise)
    revolutionairy step

Miles Davis

"The Best Live"

    mdTBL 01 Stella by Starlight
    mdTBL 02 Ah Leu Cha
    mdTBL 03 Concierto de Aranjuez
    mdTBL 04 Round about Midnight
    mdTBL 05 Theme from Jack Johnson
    mdTBL 06 Someday my Prince will come
    mdTBL 07 Oleo
    mdTBL 08 I thought about you
    mdTBL 09 Jean Pierre

Maxis and Singles

    Bam Bam-Yelloman
    big youth-jah golden jubilee (ext)
    Big Youth-Spiderman Meets Hulk (ext)
    Bob Marley-Bad Card (ext)
    Bob Marley-Coming In From The Cold (ext)
    Bob Marley-Them Belly Full (ext)
    Brother Roy - Different Experience (crucial)
    Burning Spear-African Teacher (ext)
    Burning Spear-Education (ext)
    Burning Spear-from bad to worse
    carlton and his shoes-sugar and spice
    clint eastwood-riding for a fall
    clint eastwood-young lover
    Dave Barker-You're Gonna Need Me
    Devion Iron-when jah come (ext)
    Devion Iron-When Jah Come
    dillinger-natty kung fu
    dr alimentado-still live
    fred locks-gun court affair
    general echo-track shoes
    gladiators-mix up
    gladiators-roots natty bongo
    Gregory Isaacs-Cream Of The Crop (ext)
    gregory isaacs-the border (ext)
    Gregory Isaacs-Top Ten (ext)
    Heptones-Crying Over You
    Heptones-I Shall Be Released
    Heptones-Mr President
    Heptones-Why Must I
    hugh mundell-feeling alright
    i roy-every little thing
    Jacob Miller-I Am A Natty
    Jacob Miller-Keep On Knocking
    jah grundi-shaolin disciples
    jah lloyd-clocktower station (ext)
    JAH Loyd-Clocktower Station (ext)
    jah thomas-drum and bass
    jah thomas-money man skank
    james brown-stop the war in a babylon (e)
    johnny clarke - crazy baldheads
    johnny clarke - sata masagana
    johnny clarke-by the rives of babylon
    johnny clarke-dancing shoes
    Johnny Clarke-Ites Green And Gold (ext)
    Johnny Clarke-Legalize It
    Johnny Clarke-Roots Natty Roots
    Johnny Clarke-Sata Amasagana
    Johnny Clarke-Them Never Loved Poor Marcus
    Johnny Clarke-Too Much War (ext)
    judah eskender ta far i-danger
    junior byles-long way (u)
    junior delgado-blackman heart
    Junior Delgado-Long Way (u)
    junior delgado-merry go round
    Junior Murvin-Closer Together
    Junior Murvin-Dreadlocks in moonlight
    Keith Texon - Living My Life
    King Scratch-Cane River Rock
    King Scratch-match finger (u) (ext)
    King Scratch-Match Finger (u)
    leroy muffet-oil crisis
    Linval Thompson-Don't Cut Off ... (ext)
    linval thompson-kung fu man (u) (ext)
    linval thompson-kung fu man
    madoo-give me your love
    mickey dread-rockers delight
    Mickey Dread-School Girl (u)
    Mickey Dread-Sweet Sixteen
    Mighty Diamonds-400 Years (dub)
    mighty diamonds-danger in your eyes
    Mighty Diamonds-Just Like a River
    Papa Robert-JAH Over Me
    Peter Tosh-I'm The Toughest
    Prince Jazzboo-Good Morning
    Prince Jazzboo-Jah Dread
    Prince Jazzboo-Natty Thing A Ling (ext)
    rita marley-thank you jah
    rockers allstars-feeling alright
    Rudy Thomas-Go Home Soon
    rudy thomas-loving pauper
    sugar minott-rome
    The Belltones-Soul People
    the gatherers-words of my mouth (ext)
    the gatherers-words of my mouth
    truth fact and correct-babylon deh pon fire (ext)
    truth fact and correct-babylon deh pon fire
    u brown-stop the war in babylon
    upsetter-golden locks (ext)
    Upsetter-Golden Locks
    upsetter-stay dread (ext)
    upsetter-stay dread


    IRS01 (Tosh) Johnny B Goode
    IRS07 (Third World) Now That We Found Love
    IRS09 (Junior Tucker) Some Guys Have All The Luck
    IRS17 (Reggae Philharmonic Orchestra) Minnie the moocher

"Rockers" - Soundtrack

    big youth - c90 skank
    bob andy - you don't know
    bunny wailer - rockers
    dennis brown - concentration
    freddie mcKay - high school dance
    gregory isaacs - slave master
    heptones - book of rules
    heptones - hypocrite
    inner circle - we are rockers
    jacob miller - tenement yard
    junior byles - beat down babylon
    junior byles - fade away
    junior murvin - police and thieves
    kc white - anywhere but nowhere
    kiddus i - graduation in zion
    lloyd parks - slaving
    maytones - money worries
    peter tosh - stepping razor
    upsetter - dread lion

Mystic Revelation of Rastafari

    MRR A01 Bongo Man
    MRR A02 Naration
    MRR A03 Naration Cont
    MRR A04 Passing Thru
    MRR A05 Poem 1
    MRR A06 Hundred Years
    MRR A07 Poem 2
    MRR A08 Song
    MRR A09 Lumba
    MRR A10 Way Back Home
    MRR B01 Ethiopian Serenade
    MRR B02 Oh Carolina
    MRR B03 So Long
    MRR B04 Groundation
    MRR B06 The Warm Up
    MRR B05 Groundation Cont

bhundu boys


    bbtsv01 tsvimbodzemoto
    bbtsv02 pendeke
    bbtsv03 vakaparei
    bbtsv04 kupedza muto
    bbtsv05 wafunge yiko
    bbtsv06 simbimbino
    bbtsv07 chekudya chose
    bbtsv08 nhai mukoma
    bbtsv09 une shuwa
    bbtsv10 chimanimani


    bbshab01 baba munini francis
    bbshab02 hupenyu hwangu
    bbshab03 pachedu
    bbshab04 zvichatinesta
    bbshab05 kuroja chete
    bbshab06 hatisitose
    bbshab07 manhenga
    bbshab08 shabini
    bbshab09 dai ndakaziva
    bbshab10 wenhamo haaneti


    bbpam01 chitaunhike
    bbpam02 bye bye stembi
    bbpam03 kutambura
    bbpam04 chitima kwe
    bbpam05 chimbira
    bbpam06 viva chinhoyi
    bbpam07 tendai mwari
    bbpam08 ndipeiwo zano
    bbpam09 hupenyu
    bbpam10 magumede
    bbpam11 nyarara
    bbpam12 hondo haiperi


    dilltb 01 african world wide
    dilltb 02 truth and rights
    dilltb 04 trial and crosses
    dilltb 03 dont take another mans life
    dilltb 05 jah love
    dilltb 06 mind your own business

"Bionic Dread"

    dillbd 01 bionic dread
    dillbd 02 king of the road
    dillbd 03 invisible dread
    dillbd 04 forward commandments
    dillbd 05 ragnampiza
    dillbd 06 eastman skanking
    dillbd 07 ital fighting
    dillbd 08 combination two
    dillbd 09 selassie i
    dillbd 10 natty b sc

"CB 200"

    dillcb 01 cb200
    dillcb 02 no chuck it
    dillcb 03 cocaine in my brain
    dillcb 04 the general
    dillcb 05 power bank
    dillcb 06 plantation heights
    dillcb 07 race day
    dillcb 08 natty kick like lightning
    dillcb 09 buckingham palace
    dillcb 10 crankface


    dillcrnb A1 Dread Call Fred
    dillcrnb A2 Youth Man
    dillcrnb A3 Children Go To School
    dillcrnb A4 Thank You Jah
    dillcrnb A5 Animal Affair
    dillcrnb B1 Repatriation Time
    dillcrnb B2 Only Jah Can Help You
    dillcrnb B3 Natt Up Natt Up
    dillcrnb B4 Dread A Warrior
    dillcrnb B5 Cornbread

"Tribal War"

    dilltw 06 tribal war
    dilltw 07 tallowah

Dennis Brown

"Judge Not"

    Dennis 1 Crazy List
    Dennis 2 Judge Not
    Dennis 3 Deceiving Girl
    IRS03 (Dennis Brown) Another Day In Paradise

Gregory Isaacs

    Gregory 1 Live and love
    Gregory 3 InnerCity Lady

Gregory Isaacs Live at the Academy Brixton

    Gregory Isaacs Live at the Academy Brixton

"Private Beach Party"

    giPBP 01 private beach party
    giPBP 02 wish you were mine
    giPBP 03 feeling irie
    giPBP 04 bits and pieces
    giPBP 05 let off supm
    giPBP 06 no rushings
    giPBP 07 better plant some loving
    giPBP 08 special to me
    giPBP 09 got to be in tune
    giPBP 10 promise is a comfort


    gislum 01 public eyes
    gislum 02 slum
    gislum 03 reform institution
    gislum 04 crops
    gislum 05 tam tam
    gislum 06 aso
    gislum 07 nigger
    gislum 08 leaving
    gislum 09 leggo beast
    gislum 10 embarrassment

"Mr. Isaacs"

    giMRI 01 sacrifice
    giMRI 02 storm
    giMRI 03 storybook children
    giMRI 04 handcuff
    giMRI 05 slave master
    giMRI 06 get ready
    giMRI 07 set the captives free
    giMRI 08 the winner
    giMRI 09 smile

The Trojan Story

    tj1a01 Bartender
    tj1a02 Fat man
    tj1a03 Humpty dumpty
    tj1a04 Miss Jamaica
    tj1a05 Housewives' choice
    tj1a06 Tell me darling
    tj1a07 Don't stay out late
    tj1a08 Rough and tough
    tj1b01 Man to man
    tj1b02 Unos dos tres
    tj1b03 Confucius
    tj1b04 Time to pray
    tj1b05 Soon you'll be gone
    tj1b06 I'm in the mood for ska
    tj1b07 Yeah yeah
    tj1b08 Man in the street
    tj1c01 One eyed giant
    tj1c02 Dreader then dread
    tj1c03 Darling Patricia
    tj1c04 Every night
    tj1c05 Syncopate
    tj1c06 Rules of life
    tj1c07 The new boss
    tj1c08 Keep the pressure on
    tj1d01 Musical train
    tj1d02 Oh babe
    tj1d03 The great wuga wuga
    tj1d04 Rudy a message to you
    tj1d05 Train to Skaville
    tj1d06 It's raining
    tj1d07 The whip
    tj1d08 Pretty Africa
    tj1e01 Rock steady
    tj1e02 King size
    tj1e03 Rock steady train
    tj1e04 King without a throne
    tj1e05 Perfidia
    tj1e06 Do the beng beng
    tj1e07 Way of life
    tj1e08 I've got to get you off my mind
    tj1f01 People funny boy
    tj1f02 Second fiddle
    tj1f03 Do the reggay
    tj1f04 Nana
    tj1f05 Mama look
    tj1f06 Pressure drop
    tj1f07 Black and white
    tj1f08 Rasta never fails

    tj2a1 Musical pleasure
    tj2a2 Selah
    tj2a3 Better must come
    tj2a4 Hard Fighter
    tj2a5 Blood and fire
    tj2a6 Push me in the corner
    tj2a7 Earthquake
    tj2a8 Mosquito 1
    tj2b1 What about the half
    tj2b2 President mash up the resident
    tj2b3 Riot
    tj2b4 My little filly
    tj2b5 Bald headed teacher
    tj2b6 Our day will come
    tj2b7 Big bad boy
    tj2b8 Skank in bed
    tj2c1 Our rendezvous
    tj2c2 Jungle lion
    tj2c3 High-jacking
    tj2c4 Footsteps of another man
    tj2c5 DJ's choice
    tj2c6 Truly
    tj2c7 Bedroom mazurka
    tj2c8 Daughter a whole lotta sugar down deh
    tj2d1 Ba da
    tj2d2 Don't cut off your dreadlocks
    tj2d3 Lonely woman
    tj2d4 Cold I up
    tj2d5 Hit the road Jack
    tj2d6 Nature planned it
    tj2d7 Cool rasta
    tj2d8 Ghetto girl
    tj2e1 Milk and Honey
    tj2e2 Unity
    tj2e3 Born free
    tj2e4 Strange things
    tj2e5 I love marijuana
    tj2e6 Rock me in dub
    tj2e7 Babylon wrong
    tj2e8 Barber saloon
    tj2f1 Choice of color
    tj2f2 Rob and gone
    tj2f3 Lightning and thunder
    tj2f4 My mission is impossible
    tj2f5 Throne of blood
    tj2f6 Every time
    tj2f7 You're no good
    tj2f8 Mr CID


    cm A01 Natural Mystic
    cm A02 Rastaman Chant
    cm A03 Theme from Countryman
    cm A04 Rat Race
    cm A05 Jah Live
    cm B01 Ramble
    cm B02 Rebel Music
    cm B03 Sound System
    cm B04 Mosman Skank
    cm B05 Small Axe
    cm C01 Bam Bam
    cm C02 Ooh! Aah!
    cm C03 Wisdom
    cm C04 Carry Us Beyond
    cm C05 Dreadlocks In Moonlight
    cm C06 Time Will Tell
    cm D01 Theme From Countryman
    cm D02 Pass It On
    cm D03 Guidance
    cm D04 Obeah Man Dub
    cm D05 Theme From Countryman

Lovemore Majaivana

    lmjiri A01 Jiri
    lmjiri A02 Imbongola
    lmjiri A03 Moses
    lmjiri A04 Lindela
    lmjiri B01 Ukhozi
    lmjiri B02 Zvembudzi
    lmjiri B03 Lonuloz' Umama
    lmjiri B04 Music In London


poch1392 09 bebiifeisu
poch1392 02 supaidaa
poch1392 03 sora mo toberu hazu
poch1392 04 maigo no heitai
poch1392 05 koi wa yuugure
poch1392 06 fujimi no biinasu
poch1392 07 razuberii
poch1392 08 hechima no hana
poch1392 01 tamago
poch1392 10 aoi kuruma
poch1392 11 sanshain

poch1527 01 Hachimitsu
poch1527 02 Namida ga Kirari
poch1527 03 Arukidase Kurooba
poch1527 04 Lunaluna
poch1527 05 Ai no Kotoba
poch1527 06 Tongari '95
poch1527 07 Ajisai Doori
poch1527 08 Robinson
poch1527 09 y
poch1527 10 Grasuhoppaa
poch1527 11 Kimi to Kurasetara

poch1605 01 hanadorobou
poch1605 02 hatsukoi kureijii
poch1605 03 inideigo chiheisen
poch1605 04 nagisa
poch1605 05 hayate
poch1605 06 nana e no kimochi
poch1605 07 niji o koete
poch1605 08 baniigaaru
poch1605 09 houkiboshi
poch1605 10 mafuraaman
poch1605 11 yuuhi ga warau - kimi mo warau
poch1605 12 cherii

poch1750 01 haifuai roofuai
poch1750 02 sakana
poch1750 03 seishun ikinokori geemu
poch1776 01 nagareboshi
poch1776 02 ai no shirushi
poch1776 03 supika
poch1776 04 tabibito
poch1776 05 ore no subete
poch1776 06 neko ni naritai
poch1776 07 kokoro no soko kara
poch1776 08 maameido
poch1776 09 kosumosu
poch1776 10 yasei no chuuripu
poch1776 11 tori ni natte
poch1776 12 oppai
poch1776 13 togetoge no ki

poch4001 01 ima
poch4001 02 hourou kamome wa doko made mo
poch4001 03 iroha
poch4001 04 saraba univaasu
poch4001 05 amai te
poch4001 06 holiday
poch4001 07 8823
poch4001 08 uchuu mushi
poch4001 09 haato ga kaeranai
poch4001 10 hotaru
poch4001 11 memoriizu - kasutomu
poch4001 12 ore no akai hoshi
poch4001 13 juteemu
poch4001 14 akane

podh1335 02 umeboshi

upch1172 01 yoru wo kakeru
upch1172 02 mizuiro no machi
upch1172 03 sawatte kawatte
upch1172 04 mikanzu no teema
upch1172 05 babaroa
upch1172 06 rooteku - romanteika
upch1172 07 hanemono
upch1172 08 umi wo mi ni ikou
upch1172 09 esukarugo
upch1172 10 haruka
upch1172 11 gaabera
upch1172 12 tabi no tochuu
upch1172 13 kemonomichi

upch5055 01 haruka
upch5055 02 funanori

upch5070 01 yume oi mushi
upch5070 02 oomiya sansetto

upch5075 01 sawatte kawatte
upch5075 02 gaabera
upch5075 03 hourou kamome wa doko made mo
upch5075 04 inaho

Hurricane Zouk

    hzA1 (Zouk Time) Guetho A Liso
    hzA2 (Francky Vincent) Anti-Mako
    hzA3 (Gerard Hubert) Dance Bonne Pa Dance
    hzA4 (Come Back Des Vikings Guadeloupe) Mikolasie-Misik A Negre
    hzB1 (Francky Vincent) Pina Colada
    hzB2 (Gerard Hubert) Leve Zouke
    hzB4 (Vik'in) Tension La Ka Monte
    hzB3 (Soukoue Ko Ou) New York Ameliore

Sounds of Soweto

    sosA1 (Lumumba featuring Condry Ziqubu) Yello Mealie Meal
    sosA2 (Brenda and the Big Dudes) Amalahle
    sosA3 (Condry Ziqubu) Confusion
    sosA4 (Kaputeni) Mali Kuhaba
    sosB1 (The Winners featuring Lionel Petersen) Wedding Day
    sosB2 (Condry Ziqubu) Gorilla Man
    sosB3 (Rex Rabanye) O Nketsang
    sosB4 (Theta) Drak Street Bad Night
    sosC1 (Johnny Clegg) Asimbonanga
    sosC2 (Lumumba featuring Condry Ziqubu) Kiss Kiss
    sosC3 (Supa Frika) Manyeo
    sosC4 (The Winners featuring Lionel Petersen) Feel Free
    sosD1 (Johnny Clegg and Savuka) Third World Child
    sosD2 (Sankomota) Ramasela
    sosD3 (Mara Louw) Brother Joe
    sosD4 (Supa Frika) Love Is On Our Side

Judge Dread

"Live and Lewd"

    jdLaL A1 Dr Kitch
    jdLaL A2 Big Ten
    jdLaL A3 Oh She Is A Big Girl Now
    jdLaL A4 Big Seven
    jdLaL A5 A Rhyme In Time
    jdLaL A6 The End Of The World
    jdLaL B1 Up With The Cock
    jdLaL B2 Big Six
    jdLaL B3 Dread Rock
    jdLaL B4 Jamaica Jerk Off
    jdLaL B5 Bring Back The Skins

"Reggae and Ska"

    jdRaS A1 Lover's Rock
    jdRaS A2 Jamaika Jerk Off
    jdRaS A3 The World Is Burning
    jdRaS A4 Al Capone
    jdRaS A5 Some Guys Have All The Luck
    jdRaS A6 Rudy
    jdRaS A7 Big Six
    jdRaS B1 Ska Fever
    jdRaS B2 Molly
    jdRaS B3 Put A Little Sunshine
    jdRaS B4 Phoenix City
    jdRaS B5 One-Eyed Lodger
    jdRaS B6 Reggae And Ska
    jdRaS B7 Big Seven

Steel Pulse

"Reggae Greats"

    spRG A1 Sound System
    spRG A2 Babylon Makes The Rules
    spRG A3 Don't Give In
    spRG A4 Soldiers
    spRG A5 Prodigal Son
    spRG B1 Ku Klux Klan
    spRG B2 Macka Splaff
    spRG B3 Drug Squad
    spRG B4 Reggae Fever
    spRG B5 Handsworth Revolution

Reggae Sunsplash

    rs A1 (Steel Pulse) Sound System
    rs A2 (Steel Pulse) Ku Klux Klan
    rs A3 (Steel Pulse) Handsworth Revolution
    rs A4 (Steel Pulse) Smile Jamaica
    rs B1 (I Threes) Them Belly Full
    rs B2 (Melody Makers) Sugar Pie
    rs B3 (Eek A Mouse) Virgin Girl
    rs B4 (Dennis Brown) If I Had The World
    rs C1 (Black Uhuru) Plastic Smile
    rs C2 (Black Uhuru) Guess Who's Coming To Dinner
    rs C3 (Sheila Hylton) The Bed's Too Big Without You
    rs C4 (Gregory Isaacs) Soon Forward
    rs D1 (Carlene Davis) The Harder They Come
    rs D2 (Might Diamonds) Right Time
    rs D3 (Third World) 1865
    rs D4 (Third World) Let's Rock The World

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